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Server Rules

*IMPORTANT: All Lunar-MU members must agree with every rule listed here. If you don't agree with even one rule, you won't be able to use the website, forum, or be part of the Lunar-MU community.

Privacy Policy:

What information do we collect?:

We collect your information when you sign up on our website or make a purchase. During the sign-up or purchase process, we may require your name or email. However, if you prefer, you can explore our site anonymously.

What do we use your information for?:

Any of the information we collect from you may be used in one of the following ways:

1. To make your experience better - your info helps us understand what you like.

2. To make our website/server better - we use your feedback to make our commmunity even more awesome.

3. To help you with any issues - your info helps us assist you better when you need help.

4. To tell you about new server openings - we use your email to keep you updated on the latest news about the server you play on.

5. To process transactions - your information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever, without your consent, other than for the expre"ss purpose of delivering the purchased product or service requested.

Log files and Cookies ?:

We care about your privacy. We keep and review log files of all requests for files on our website's servers. These logs don't contain personal information but do note your IP address, which our servers automatically recognize. We don't store anything that could identify you without your permission. If we use cookies, they're either for your session or to remember your preferences, and we don't share them with others.

PK rules:

Continuous PKing (Player Killing) targeting the same group of players every day is not allowed and may result in a 1-day ban.

-Continuous PKing means killing the same player(s) 10 times a day (for a few days).

-Continuous PKing also includes killing someone slightly less than 10 times a day, without them retaliating (for a few days).

It's okay to kill others, even if you clear a map or kill the same person multiple times, that's not against the rules. However, if this behavior continues for many days against the same player or group, even if they change locations, the player responsible will be warned or possibly banned.

If a player manages to kill their "killer" the same number of times or defends themselves in a fair fight, there won't be any punishments. But if a player kills their attacker only 1-3 times while defending themselves (not actively hunting), the attacker may face consequences.

* Guild vs Guild issues is not really counted in here (when it's all guild vs all guild).

* This rule is purely for players who hate someone/specific group (no matter in which guild you are with).

1. Fair Play:

1.1 Don't use any cheating tools or software.

1.2 Don't exploit game bugs or glitches.

1.3 Report any bugs or glitches you find.

1.4 Punishment: Permanent account ban.

2. Respectful Behavior:

2.1 Use English in public chats for trading, party matching, and recruitment.

2.2 No swearing, threats, or insults toward other players.

2.3 No discrimination is based on birthplace, politics, religion, or other factors.

2.4 Using bad words about family, family abuse ban 1-5 days.

2.5 Swearing, using bad words and bad behaviour ban 1-3 days.

2.6 Punishment: Warning, character ban, or permanent account ban.

3. No Staff Impersonation:

3.1 Don't pretend to be a staff member or claim a false association with them.

3.2 Punishment: Permanent account ban.

3.3 Appropriate Chat and Posting:

3.4 No advertising, spamming, or sharing unwanted content.

3.5 Don't use multiple accounts to gain unfair advantages.

3.6 Punishment: Warning, character ban, or permanent account ban.

4. Fraud or Real-Money Trading:

4.1 Don't trade accounts or in-game items for real money.

4.2 Don't buy or sell leveling or item farming services.

4.3 No demanding payments for favors or services.

4.4 Punishment: Permanent account ban.

5. Accurate Reports:

5.1 Don't falsely accuse or report players or staff members.

5.2 Report suspicions or issues to the administration or forum.

5.3 Don't edit screenshots to mislead.

5.4 Punishment: Warning, character ban, or permanent account ban.

6. Refund Policy:

6.1 No refunds for digital products once ordered.

6.2 Contact support for assistance with product issues.

6.3 By making a payment, you agree not to dispute or seek refunds.

6.4 No refunds under any circumstance.

7. Trading:

7.1 Don't ever buy or sell game accounts or items for real money. Everything in Lunar-MU belongs to the game's owner, and if we catch you doing this, your account will be banned forever.

7.2 If we find out that you're buying or selling game stuff for real money outside the game's official website, forum, or in the game itself, you'll also get banned. So, don't try to sell game things on social media, forums, or other websites.

7.3 Be careful because some players might try to trick you. If you lose your game stuff or account because of something you did, we can't help you get it back. It's your responsibility to be smart about your game account.

8. Donator Guidelines:

8.1 Donations are non-refundable.

8.2 Donators have equal importance as non-donators.

8.3 Donators can be banned like any other player.

8.4 Banned donator accounts remain blocked with no exceptions.

9. Server Admin Staff Authority:

9.1 Admin decisions are final; challenging them leads to a permanent ban.

9.2 Respect admins; they will respect you.

9.3 Don't attack or bother admins during their investigations.

9.4 Insulting admins results in permanent bans.

9.5 Admins have the right to violate rules if necessary for the community.

9.6 Admins will only ask for your username when resolving account issues.

10. Server Game Master Staff Authority:

10.1 Respect game masters; disrespect leads to bans.

10.2 Don't attack game masters unless given permission.

10.3 Challenging game masters without proof leads to account bans.

10.4 Insulting game masters results in character bans.

10.5 Game masters can ban players for investigation purposes.

10.6 Game masters must use separate accounts and not disclose their identities.

11. Prohibited Actions for Game Masters:

11.1 Game masters shouldn't ask for personal information or benefit their regular accounts.

11.2 They can't participate in Castle Siege events or move characters without valid reasons.

11.3 Disrespecting players is not allowed.

11.4 Game masters must have evidence when taking action against a player.

12. Castle Siege & Guild War:

11.1 [Castle Siege] Guilds should have a minimum of 5 members, and they shouldn't create fake registrations. If not, your guild might be removed from registration, and the Guild Master could face a 1-day ban.

11.2 [Castle Siege] Guilds that are registered and accepted in the Castle Siege Fight can assist other guilds; it's a fair battle.

11.3 [Castle Siege] Guilds and players who aren't registered can't join or disrupt the Castle Siege in any way. Doing so may result in a 1-3 day ban.

11.4 If you initiate a guild war, you must finish it completely. If you leave the guild war without a valid reason, the Guild Master may be banned for 1 day. To avoid this, if someone leaves during a guild war, please take a screenshot and share it on our forum.


  1. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.
  2. Account bans are all-inclusive; no item transfers or unbans.
  3. If banned three times, an account is permanently blocked.
  4. In rare cases of wrongful bans, send an appeal with an explanation.
  5. The server reserves the right to block access for certain users, regardless of the rules.
  6. The rules can change without notice.
Currently this is only one server.