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Lunar-Mu 7

Lunar-Mu 10X

Experience the ultimate thrill on MU's premier Hard concept server!



LOW 10x BETA Server Opening - September 26

Prepare for Battle! The server will go live on September 26th.


The server will start at 09:00 PM server time on September 26th, and you'll find the client download link in the 'Download' section. Please note that this is a BETA server, so there may still be some bugs that I haven't discovered yet. If you encounter any bugs, please report them on our Discord server, and I'll work on fixing them as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance.

As a special bonus, newly created accounts will receive a VIP Silver package for 7 days.

The benefits of VIP Silver package are:

-Move to Arena/Stadium 

-Exp Boost + 1x 24/7

-Bonus WCoins C +150

-Change Character Name Discount 5% 

-Clear SkillTree Discount 5%

-PK Clear Discount 500Zen

-Grand Reset Bonus Credits 2500 WCoins 

-Reset Bonus Points +30 Points

-Reset Level Decrease 5 Lvl

-Reset Zen Discount -1K Zen


Good Luck!


Lunar-Mu Administration


Currently this is only one server.